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you will hear a nightingale singing in the lime tree;
you will see a Turtle dove drinking in the fountain;
you might even meet a heron flying over the swimming pool.
The house is an open window on a wide colourful countryside.
In the morning, the nature smells so good in the garden.
The sunsets and storms will leave you speechless.
And at night, you will discover starry skies all year long.

These are the reasons why we chosed that place to live in.
Simply because we feel good here.


vos hotes mokuso


In 2009, we decided to change our life. Living in the countryside after a big town, having a common activity after different businesses, a local life after many professional travels, a soft rythm after a quite stressing way of life. We have adopted and restored this old farm for a new way of life. And our project is to welcome you here and to make you feel comfortable.

Our wish for you and for us is the one of serene time, a soft life, close to the nature, in the biggest possible respect for the environment and for the human being, at the rate of the seasons.

The world "Mokuso" finds its origin in non violent Japanese martial arts. It designates the preliminary stage before a training session, the moment when you relax, when you leave the tensions inside you, when you empty your head.

This is what we aim for, and we hope to do it with you and for you.

Pascal and Florence, demeure du Mokuso, Allex, Drôme, France


We have become like a coulis of apricots... so good and liquid.
Guestbook la demeure du Mokuso, Pascal, september 2011.