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Looking for space, quietness and nature?

At the demeure du Mokuso, we hope that you find the place where you feel fine.

Your guest house la demeure du Mokuso is installed in an old 18th century farm that we have totally renovated for your best comfort.

Within a big park situated in the middle of fields, you will find a big house almost made of stones and peebbles, organized around an inside yard onto which give all the guest rooms as well as the swimming pool and the guest living room. We live next to you on the back of the house.

Here is an overwiew of the different places you will enjoy, besides your guestroom  !                       

The inside yard

The inside yard is the heart of the demeure du Mokuso. You come and go as you want in your gest room. You have breakfast and dinner when it’s hot outside. You access to the guest living room and the swimming pool. You can enjoy the fountain and its soft lapping while tasting a home made drink before dinner. Or you can rest or read your newspaper under the patio that will protect you from the wind and sun.

The park

You can benefit our 2,5 acres park with a lot of pines and other trees. In the summer, we put for you armchairs almost everywhere. So, it’s up to you: a little nap under the willow tree, drinking a local beer under the plum tree, some reading under the cherry tree or a ball game with your children in the meadow,...

The swimming pool

Our swimming pool (11x6 ) is facing south. The water is treated with salt for a better comfort. All around is the countryside. You can take sun and relax on the beach chairs around the pool or cool yourself on the sofa under the covered terrace.

The guest living room

During the off season and in winter, you can benefit from the guest living room (80 m²), with its large fire place. You can also enjoy the coolness of the room in summer. You will have breakfast and dinner when the wheather is too cold outside; you can meet, play, read, seated on the comfortable sofas; you can have a drink at the bar; you can even play piano if you are musician.

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The meeting room

The demeure du Mokuso also proposes you a 80 m2 room for your professional meeting, seminar, training session. We can welcome around twenty persons. For more informations, please contact us directly.